East Coast Toastmasters club year September 2018 - June 2019 begins on Tuesday, 4th September 2018 in the Carlton Airport Hotel at 8pm. We would like to welcome anyone interested in seeing what Toastmasters is about to come along.  Meeting starts at 8pm and ends at 10pm, with a break in the middle.  See our calendar for meet-up dates or find us on meetup.com
The aim of Toastmasters is to practice and train in the art of public speaking and promote sociability and good fellowship among its members, and that is exactly what we in the East Coast club provide for our members.  Our principal aim is to help our members become comfortable in front of an audience. By participating in the meeting, we practise and learn the basic skills of both “off the cuff” speaking and prepared speaking. The Club meetings have  the usual format of Speeches and Evaluations and we welcome any guests to come along and see how the Toastmaster programme can assist in the learning of a new skill. If you want to improve your confidence when speaking in front of an audience… and  do so with the support of a group of like-minded people, then this is the place for you.  Guests are always welcome, and there is plenty of FREE parking at the hotel. The meetings are friendly, fun and supportive and we usually have around 20 people in the room. Why not just show up for a meeting?  You will be very welcome and there is every danger you might enjoy yourself. If you're thinking of coming along to any of our meetings here is a poem written by one of our members about their experience when they first started.