Leadership Track

EAST COAST TOASTMASTERS Competent Leadership Pathway The Competent Leadership pathway is a step-by-step path through all the various roles in a Toastmasters club. Every time a member performs one of the roles and is evaluated, they learn about various aspects of leadership by contributing to their club and supporting fellow members. Each of the projects requires a number of roles to be performed. Practice in each role develops a strong understanding of many different skills of effective leadership. TITLE, OBJECTIVES, PROJECTS 1 Listening & Leadership     3 of 4 roles • Determine your current listening skills • Identify the seven steps to better listening • Practise listening skills in various club meeting roles 2 Critical Thinking     2 of 3 roles • Determine your current thinking skills • Practise critical thinking skills in various club roles 3 Giving Feedback   3 of 3 roles • Determine your current skills in giving feedback • Identify the steps in giving feedback effectively • Practise giving feedback as you serve in various meeting roles 4 Time Management    1 of 4 roles PLUS Timekeeper • Determine your current time-management skills • Identify steps to effectively manage time • Practise time-management skills in various club roles 5 Planning & Implementation   3 of 4 roles • Determine current planning and implementation skills • Identify steps in the planning and implementation process • Practise planning and implementation skills in various club roles 6 Organising & Delegating   1 of 6 roles • Determine current skills in organising and delegating • Identify steps in the organisation and delegation process • Practise skills in organising and delegating during various club meetings 7 Developing Facilitation Skills  2 of 4 roles • Determine your present facilitation abilities • Identify facilitation strategies • Practise facilitation skills in various meeting roles 8 Motivating People   3 of 5 roles INLCUDING  Chairman • Determine your current motivational skills • Identify conditions that motivate people • Practise motivational skills while serving in club roles 9 Mentoring    1 of 2 roles • Determine your current mentoring skills • Identify the steps in being a good mentor • Practise mentoring skills in various club roles 10 Team Building   1 or 2 of 6 roles • Determine your current team-building skills • Identify the steps in building a team • Practise team building skills while serving in various club roles   The grid below shows which roles are required to complete each project in the pathway. Use it to keep track of your own CL progress.   COMPETENT LEADERSHIP PATHWAY : Œ CL Grid 5 Ž   ‘ ’ “ ” •