Meet the members

Sandra joined the club in January 2016

Sandra - "I joined Toastmasters as a new years resolution in 2016 to help improve my communication skills. For example, I found it difficult to ask questions at a group meeting in work or I would get very stressed if I had to do a presentation. I now realise that this is fairly common and can prevent a lot of people from achieving the recognition they deserve. I have learned during my time in toastmasters how to control my nerves, how to prepare properly for presentations and how to construct answers to questions under pressure. You learn by observing others and practicing. It's that simple. We learn by doing, and it gets easier every time".

Eoin joined the club in November 2011

Eoin - "I joined East Coast Toastmasters when I returned to college to study Psychotherapy. I had to deliver lots of presentations which I found very daunting. I learned the structures behind speeches and I was able to practice my public speaking skills in front of a supportive audience. I could try out some ideas for college presentations at the club before I had to deliver them. I received lots of valuable feedback and encouragement which has kept me coming back to the club long after getting over the fear".

Shay joined the club in

Shay - "I joined Toastmasters a few years ago after a bad experience at a team meeting. When it came to my turn to speak at the meeting I was overcome with fear and as a result I could not get my point across clearly. It was one of those "I wanted the ground to swallow me up" situations. I was frustrated, as I felt I did not give a good account of myself and I swore that it was the last time it was going to happen to me. 
I joined Toastmasters and little by little I overcame my fear of public speaking. In the process I also developed my communication skills which has assisted me in many different ways. The different roles and speaking opportunities which came my way from joining Toastmasters transferred back into the real world. I have improved my interview, sales and customer service skills and feel completely relaxed whenever I am required to speak. 
I have made some great friends along the way and I would encourage anyone with a wish to improve their public speaking skills to come along and find out more. Take the 1st step, You won't regret it!"